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Learn the landscape, become an expert, make money.

ILO University holds all the information you need to make money for the rest of your life. Become an expert in the field of ILOs and take advantage of this explosive new capital market revolution with the ILO Masterclass.

video based learning

Video and reading are combined with quizzes to test your understanding and offer a rounded learning experience. Grow as a person and as an ILO expert with extra resources, material and discussion.

certified learning

The ILO Masterclass is your 6-week route to the Diploma you need to work as an ILO Agent, Active Seller or Specialist. Any one of these paths has the potential to set you up for life.

ready to begin?

 Learn to make money every day, while you work and while you sleep. It all begins at ILO University.

This course covers

The history of the ILO from conception to the eco-system that exists today. Learn the structure, organisation and planning that makes a capital markets revolution possible.

The knowledge you need to become certified by the ILO University, the only accreditation that allows you to act as a Free Agent with free access to ILO Community.

How to earn thousands generating reports for potential ILO listings.

How to champion new ILOs, turning them into lucrative personal franchise options.

How to become a successful ILO Agent, using lateral thinking to connect multiple marketplaces, piecing together valuable ILO offerings to make millions.

How the ILO Ecosystem supports each new release as well as your own freelance endeavours.

Lesson documentation

Videos and online quizzes are underpinned with supplementary reading material and module tasks. This ensures our students achieve thorough ILO background and landscape knowledge setting them apart from others in the field, nurturing an entrepreneurial outlook to unlock uncapped potential.


A diploma from the only certified ILO teaching platform, ILO University.

Indepth, invaluable knowledge of ILOs and the ILO landscape.

The ability to work anywhere in the world with uncapped income, for the rest of your life.

To graduate with a diploma you will need to complete all course videos, and attempt all questions in the tests scoring above 80%.

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