WHat it's all about

ILO University is the only accredited course for those looking to start a career in the emerging ILO arena. Get the qualifications you need to tap into uncapped income and take your seat at the table as ILOs blow the lid off the capital investment market.

Working as an Agent, Specialist or Active Agent in the ILO field gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, making money at any time with limitless potential for both wealth generation and personal achievement.

Getting a Diploma from ILO University means you can work autonomously or help innovative and exciting companies raise uncapped capital in this new and novel way, turning your sales and market knowledge into an unbridled powerhouse of sales.
Signing up to the ILO University Masterclass furnishes you with a new lifelong career path.

Six weeks to wealth

In six weeks you will be at the start of a whole new chapter in your working life with nothing to hold you back in achieving your financial goals.

You can Make additional income

You like and use a certain product or service… What if you could make money any time you or the people in your network bought it? After completing the course you’ll be able to sell products or services to others directly or indirectly for commision.

Or you can make a living

Being an expert in the field of ILOs allows you to act as an Agent, listing ILOs on behalf of companies for commission and bringing ILOs to the table yourself, creating personal franchises.

You can own a piece of a business's revenue

All achieved under Commercial Law – no Securities regulations, costs or compliance. Every quarter, direct royalties reflective of your ILO companies revenue, right into your wallet.

You can make the world a better place

Bring life-changing tech to far-flung places of the globe or your local community.

Make money for life, asleep or awake

Being an ILO Agent and or Active Seller gives you a job for life. Entering the ILO arena early puts you streaks ahead of the rest and ensures you the best opportunities going forward. The only barrier to a hugely lucrative career on your own terms is the 6 weeks it takes to complete this course.


Initial license offering

We are in an era where people want more. Companies are only as good as the last experience they provided and the ongoing digital transformation of our world is changing everything, daily. 

The way we work is changing too, companies and individuals that fail to keep up simply won’t survive. 

Digitisation in the workplace has made the world smaller, especially in the fields of sales and capital raising. You don’t need to travel across the world to communicate successfully, there is no need for an office to put together a sales offering, no need for a warehouse to sell a product or a company to make big money.  You can do it all yourself.


The age of the micro-dealer

Why it's all changing

Edward Fitzpatrick, the creator of ILO University and founder of 8 private equity firms saw this change coming both in the Capital Markets and the employee sales sector. After seeing many superior salespeople choosing an independent status due to tax changes, and many companies looking for new ways to operate and deliver value to customers, Edward also noticed that small businesses were fed up of suffering through stock markets and poor investment deals.

Watching multiple, valuable innovations ultimately absorbed by power-house companies and original inventors bought-out for pennies on the dollar, he decided someone had to disrupt the small business capital markets and make something change. This change needed to benefit everyone; the companies, the consumers, the salesmen and women, and thus the ILO was born.

It was no easy feat, fixing something that had been broken for such a long time but now the ILO is a shining opportunity for the capital markets, small business and the sales industry, not to mention consumers themselves.

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